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The Kiev office is set up for international customers who want to start a business in Ukraine or already have an existing business here. Our goal is to offer reliable and professional accounting and payroll services in the Ukrainian market. The service offering is always negotiated in close cooperation with the customer. 

Leinonen Ukraine is one of the newcomers in Leinonen Group. We started our operations in Kiev during the spring of 2012. Moreover, Leinonen Ukraine is supported by a strong cooperative network of Leinonen Group offices in 11 other countries.

Take some time to come over to look and feel the reality of Ukraine. You are invited to meet with us in our Kiev office. We are here to help you.

Leinonen Ukraine - Accounting and Payroll for International Companies

Start your business in Ukraine

Despite the challenging business environment, there are very promising investment opportunities in Ukraine. Right now, the IT sector especially has high potential and is very interesting for many small and medium-sized companies. It's possible to establish your company here and take advantage of growing opportunities in this country of 45 million people, many of which are highly educated young professionals.

Moving to the Ukrainian market requires a trusted and committed partner. However, Ukrainian bureaucracy can be easily handled by working with experienced professionals familiar with the local administration and legislation. Leinonen Ukraine as part of Leinonen Group is present in the capital city Kyiv, and is ready to help international companies start their business in Ukraine. 

Leinonen Ukraine can assist in establishing your company in Ukraine, and our accounting professionals make sure you can focus on your core business without having to worry about accounting and payroll technicalities. We are looking forward to discuss more about market opportunities with you. Contact us.

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