1) reduction of payment terms on exports and imports of goods from 180 to 90 days;
2) the introduction of a compulsory requirement of sale in the interbank currency market of Ukraine, which concerns:

 - income in foreign currency from abroad in favor of legal entities that are not authorized banks and individuals - entrepreneurs, foreign representatives (except official representatives), to accounts in authorized banks to conduct joint activities without registering a legal entity, as well as income in foreign currency to accounts of residents, opened outside of Ukraine on the basis of individual license of the National Bank;
- income in foreign currency from abroad in favor of individuals in an amount that is equal to/exceeds the equivalent of 150 000 hryvnia per month. Exceptions are receipts from abroad in foreign currency in favor of individuals (residents and non-residents) returned due to the wrong account details.

The above mentioned rules will act temporarily - from May 20 to August 20, 2014.