From this date suitably authorised banks are permitted to purchase foreign currency on behalf of foreign investors to increase their investment capital in an amount equal to but not greater than their current foreign exchange reserves, which to date is not included in the calculation of the total open currency position.

Such transactions will not be subject to restrictions for the purchase of non-cash currency, precious metals or hryvnia provided that the amount does not exceed 0.1% of the regulatory capital of the bank per day.

Note also that for foreign currency exchange sums less than the equivalent of 50,000 USD, notification will not be required.

There remains in force a limit for banks purchasing foreign currency on behalf of client-residents (other than Ukrainian citizens)using foreign currency

Such clients must make these purchases in foreign currency up to the limit of its available foreign currency funds.

The total amount of funds is determined by excluding existing foreign currency in customer accounts that was purchased but not expended during the period, in customer accounts that are frozen and in accounts of client-agents who have obtained it by mediation agreements and is subject to further transfer to owners etc.