To promote export activities of Ukrainian enterprises and to boost economic growth NBU moves ahead with gradual easing of temporary restrictions on currency exchange, from now only 50% of legal entities’ export proceeds are subject to obligatory sale (previously it was 65%).

Also significant change was of easing the restrictions on the sale of foreign exchange in cash to individuals. Up until now, individuals were allowed to purchase foreign currency up to the equivalent of UAH 12,000 per operation per one day. From now on, the NBU has raised limits on the sale of foreign exchange in cash to individuals up to the equivalent of UAH 150,000, the threshold amount above which transactions are subject to mandatory financial monitoring.

National Bank Regulation #30 dated 04/04/2017 named “Regarding Changes to NBU Regulation №410 dated 13/12/2016” and the changes are effective starting from April 05, 2017.

Please be informed that all export proceeds of your respected company that were credited onto transit accounts on 04/04/2017, will be automatically sold in amount of 50% on 05/04/2017.