Starting April 1, the Government Introduces New Visa Rules for Entry into Ukraine

Unified, clear and transparent Ukrainian visa processing procedures

In particular, the introduced innovations include:

- a visa application can now be filed online through the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;

- the list of countries whose citizens can get a business or tourist visa at a Ukrainian border checkpoint has been extended;

- the visa processing times have been reduced to 5 working days for urgent cases and to 10 working days for normal cases

- the visa fee is reduced to USD 65 for all visa types, and a single fee equaling 150 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens is set for visas issued at all border-crossing checkpoints;

- the duration of long-term visa D is extended - under the new rules, it looks like a multiple entry visa for 90 days

- there is no need to seek a formal invitation registered with the State Migration Service of Ukraine to enter Ukraine for private or business purposes. Instead, visas will be issued on the basis of a notarized invitation from an individual or a request letter from a legal entity;

- it is now possible to file a package of documents for a visa with a foreign diplomatic institution of Ukraine or an external service provider in person, through a legal representative, or by mail;

- applicants can be interviewed using remote communication tools allowing visual identification of the applicant.

The procedure for the issue, extension, and revocation of work permits for foreigners and stateless persons has been changed since February 3 as follows.

• Employers are now entitled to employ a foreign specialist on a part-time basis;

• The employer is required to execute an employment agreement (contract) with a foreigner within 90 calendar days of the date of the work permit obtained by this foreigner;

• The term for submitting a copy of the employment agreement (contract) between the employer and the foreigner to the territorial authority has been extended to 10 days;

• The procedure and times for appealing against decisions refusing the issue of work permits for foreigners and stateless persons, their extension and revocation has been changed.

• A fee of 4 minimum wages (the minimum wage is UAH 3,200) is charged for processing work permit applications. After at least 3 working days, the territorial authority will process and issue a work permit to the foreigner and stateless person.

A work permit is issued for a period of up to one year. Such a permit may further be extended for the same period an unlimited number of times.