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Work permit processes for foreigners have been simplified Feb 06

As a result of changes in work permit regulations, the basic list of documents for obtaining a permit has been reduced substantially. Additionally, work permits can now be issued for 3 year periods instead of just one year as previously. However, the minimum wage companies are required to pay to foreigners has been increased. 

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Potential investment opportunities in Ukraine

Despite the challenging business environment, there are very promising investment opportunities in Ukraine. Right now, the IT sector especially has high potential and is very interesting for many small and medium-sized companies. European and other foreign companies are taking advantage of lucrative outsourcing opportunities in this country of 47 million people, many of which are highly educated young professionals.

Moving to the Ukrainian market takes time and requires a trusted and committed partner. However, Ukrainian bureaucracy can be easily handled by working with experienced professionals familiar with the local administration and legislation. Leinonen Ukraine as part of Leinonen Group is present in the capital city Kyiv, and is ready to help international companies enter and succeed in Ukraine. 

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