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Leinonen Ukraine January 2017 Newsletter Jan 11

Some amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine introduced for 2017

The text of Law of Ukraine dated 21 December 2016 No. 1801-VIII “On state budget 2017” was published on 28 December 2016.

There are no surprises in this document. We’d like to mark out the following amendments: electronic cabinet of taxpayer, the extension of business transactions and income to determine the transactions brought under control, introduction of public register of VAT refund.

You may find more detailed information about changes below:

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Potential investment opportunities in Ukraine

Despite the challenging business environment, multiple international companies are continuously looking for opportunities to invest in Ukraine. For instance, automobile, hotel & travel and agriculture are among the most likely industries to benefit from the economical growth of this giant market. A country with 47 million people and the second largest territory in Europe cannot be ignored. 

Moving to the Ukrainian market takes time and requires a trusted and committed partner. However, Ukrainian bureaucracy can be easily handled by working with experienced professionals familiar with the local administration and legislation. Leinonen is present in the capital city, Kiev, and is ready to help international companies enter and succeed in Ukraine. 

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