Updates to Administrative Restrictions Mar 07

The National Bank of Ukraine has eased some administrative restrictions with new changes to legislation that came into force on 3rd March 2018. Read more ›

IT Is Booming in Ukraine Feb 27

The IT industry is showing positive signals and promises for future Ukrainian economic growth. Some sources are even predicting Ukraine to develop into the Silicon Valley of Europe. In this article, we would like to sum up the main facts and figures about the Ukrainian IT industry for you.
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Work permit processes for foreigners have been simplified Feb 06

As a result of changes in work permit regulations, the basic list of documents for obtaining a permit has been reduced substantially. Additionally, work permits can now be issued for 3 year periods instead of just one year as previously. However, the minimum wage companies are required to pay to foreigners has been increased. 
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Bank Accounts can now be opened electronically Feb 06

The National Bank of Ukraine has simplified the procedure for opening and maintaining accounts of the bank’s client and carrying out non-cash settlements.
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2018 Wage Indicators Approved Feb 06

The Ukrainian government has approved main minimum and tax indicators for wages. The new minimum wage in Ukraine starting from 1st of January 2018 is UAH 3723 (approx. EUR 115).  Read more ›

The National Bank of Ukraine Presses ahead with Relaxing Administrative Restrictions in the Forex market May 29

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) presses ahead with easing monetary policy by liberalizing forex controls. The relaxation of restrictions has been possible in the context of a favorable situation in the forex market and given that the  distribution of risks to the inflation projections is balanced.
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COMPULSORY stamps cancelled May 16

Government authority cannot ask you to seal documents with a company stamp in the future. Therefore the use of company stamps in business only is the right but not the obligation of the entity.

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Penalties for violation of the labor laws became more strict in 2017 Apr 28

As from 2017, the Ukrainian employers who pay salary off the books will face serious consequences. The government came up with the penalties for the violation of the labor laws more stringent. Employers should be prepared to pay much more than it was set out before if they neglect their employees' rights.

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