The National Bank of Ukraine Presses ahead with Relaxing Administrative Restrictions in the Forex market May 29

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) presses ahead with easing monetary policy by liberalizing forex controls. The relaxation of restrictions has been possible in the context of a favorable situation in the forex market and given that the  distribution of risks to the inflation projections is balanced.
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COMPULSORY stamps cancelled May 16

Government authority cannot ask you to seal documents with a company stamp in the future. Therefore the use of company stamps in business only is the right but not the obligation of the entity.

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Penalties for violation of the labor laws became more strict in 2017 Apr 28

As from 2017, the Ukrainian employers who pay salary off the books will face serious consequences. The government came up with the penalties for the violation of the labor laws more stringent. Employers should be prepared to pay much more than it was set out before if they neglect their employees' rights.

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National Bank of Ukraine relaxed currency limitations Apr 05

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) relaxed currency limitations by bringing down the limit for the obligatory sale of currency.

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New Visa Rules for Entry into Ukraine Mar 28

Starting April 1, the Government Introduces New Visa Rules for Entry into Ukraine, also please pay attention that the procedure for the issue, extension, and revocation of work permits for foreigners and stateless persons has been changed since February 3 as follows. 

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Leinonen Group continues strong growth strategy and strengthens its position by acquisition of Norwegians Resultat Compagniet AS Feb 14

This acquisition strengthens the business of Leinonen Group in Norway and increases the clientele. With this acquisition comes new personnel that bring deeper competences in Norwegian market. “It is great to gain deep local knowledge of accounting business and local business environment”, says Petteri Leinonen, chairman of the board of Leinonen Group.
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Business Ombudsman in Ukraine Summarized the Year 2016 Feb 13

In 2016, the Business Ombudsman Council received 868 complaints from the entrepreneurs from all regions of Ukraine and closed 570 cases, which is 4 times as much as in 2015. The absolute majority of complainants – 95% – are satisfied with the result of working with the BOC’s team.
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Leinonen Ukraine January 2017 Newsletter Jan 11

Some amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine introduced for 2017

The text of Law of Ukraine dated 21 December 2016 No. 1801-VIII “On state budget 2017” was published on 28 December 2016.

There are no surprises in this document. We’d like to mark out the following amendments: electronic cabinet of taxpayer, the extension of business transactions and income to determine the transactions brought under control, introduction of public register of VAT refund.

You may find more detailed information about changes below:

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